Wichita Historic Landmarks

These listings are followed by an indication of whether the landmark is listed on the Wichita, Kansas and/or National register of historic places. Most descriptions are by courtesy of the Wichita-Sedgwick County Metropolitan Area Planning Department Historic Preservation Office.

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Historic Name



Ablah House 102-104 Pinecrest Ave. K, N
Adeline Apartment Building 1403 N. Emporia K, N
Administrative Bldg  (Aviation Museum) McConnell Air Force Base K, N
Aley House 1505 N. Fairview W
Allen's Market 2938 E. Douglas K, N
Henry J. Allen House 255 N. Roosevelt W, K, N
Amidon House 1005 N. Market W
Ark Valley Lodge #21 615 N. Main W, K, N
Aviary 330 Circle Drive W
Belmont Avenue Arches Central and Douglas K, N
Blaser House 136 N. Crestway Avenue K, N
Bond-Sullivan House 936 Back Bay Blvd K, N
Bowers House 1004 N. Market W, K, N
Brown Building 105 S. Broadway W, K, N
Burton Stock Car Bldg. #9 801 East 37th Street North K
Campbell Castle l155 River Boulevard W, K, N
Calvary Baptist Church 601 N. Water Street N
Carlisle House 1215 N. Emporia W
Carey House Hotel (Eaton Hotel) 525 East Douglas W, K, N
Carnegie Library 220 S. Main W, K, N
College Hill Park Bathhouse 304 Circle Drive W, K, N
Old City Hall 204 S. Main W, K, N
L.W. Clapp House 1847 Wellington Place W, K, N
Marc Clapp House 1817 Wellington Place W
Clapp Manor 320 N. Belmont W
Comley House 1137 N. Broadway W,K,N
Cubbon/Jacques House 1955 N. Market W
Eagle Lodge #132 200-202 S. Emporia K, N
Edward M. Kelly House 1711 N. Market W, K, N
Ellis-Singleton  (Petroleum) Building 221 S. Broadway K, N
Engine House No. 4 116 S. Seneca W
Engine House No. 6 1300 S. Broadway K, N
Enoch Dodge House 1406 West Second W
Fairview Apartments 206 E. 18th Street K, N
Fairmount Congregational Church 1657 N. Fairmount K, N
Fairmount Cottage 1717 Fairmont W, K, N
Fresh Air Baby Camp 1229 W. 11th St K,N
Gelbach House 1721 Park Place W, K, N
Grace United Methodist Church 944 S. Topeka K, N
Guldner House 1919 West Douglas K, N
Harding House 1231 N. Waco W
Hayford Building 115-125 East Second K, N
Hillside Cottage 303 Circle Drive W, K, N
Holyoke Cottage 1700 N. Holyoke W, K, N
Hypatia House 1215 N. Broadway W, K, N
Jackman House 158 N. Roosevelt K, N
Jenkins Cottage 1704 N. Fairview W
John Mack Bridge 2700 S. Broadway K, N
Johnson Cottage 133 S. Charles W
Johnson / Cohlmia Building 2323 E. Central W, K, N
Kress Building 224 E. Doug1as W, K, N
Kaufman Building 206-210 S. Market W, K
Keep Klean Building 810 E. Third K, N
Kelly House 1711 N. Market K, N
Lassen Hotel 157 N. Market W, K, N
Lewelling House   1245 N. Broadway K, N
Linwood Park Greenhouse 1700 S. Hydraulic W, K, N
Senator Long House 3401 E. Second W, K, N
Market Street Cottage 1144 N. Market K.N
Masonic Home 401 S. Seneca W
McCormick Elementary School 855 S. Martinson W, K, N
McLean House 2359 N McLean Blvd. K.N
Mentholatum Building 1308 East Douglas Ave. K.N
Michigan Building

206 E. Douglas

Minisa Bridge 13th St. & Little Arkansas River W
Modern Cleaners Building 904-906 East Douglas W
Mohr Barn 14920 W. 21st St. K.N
Monroe / Mahan House 1357 S. Broadway W, K, N
Morton-Simmons Building (Keen Kutter) 830 East First W
Mullen Court Apartments 1140-1150 N. Topeka Ave. W, K, N
Munger House 1871 Sim Park Dr. (Cowtown) K, N
Newbern-Gore House 400 S. Roosevelt K, N
Noble House 1230 N. Waco W, K, N
North High School 1437 N. Rochester W
North Linwood Park

1802 East Harry

North Riverside Park Comfort Station 1029 N. Bitting W, K, N
North Topeka Avenue Apartments 625, 630, 631, 632 N. Topeka K, N
Occidental Hotel 300 N. Main W, K, N
Old Mission Mausoleum 3424 E 21st Street W, K, N
Orpheum Theater 200 N. Broadway W, K, N
Parks / Houston House 1111 N. Broadway W
Penley House 3400 Penley Drive K, N
Phillips 66 Station 805 East Central W
Powell House 330 N Crestway K, N
Pratt / Campbell House 1313 N. Emporia W
Pryor House 263 S Pershing K, N
Riverside Cottage 901 Spaulding W, K, N
Riverview Apartments

404-408 Back Bay Boulevard

K, N
Robbins House

3333 S. Broadway

Roberts House 235 N. Roosevelt K, N
Rock Island Depot 729 East Douglas W, K, N
St. Anthony's Church 256 N. Ohio W
Schnitzler House 1002 S. Broadway W
Scottish Rite Temple 332 E. First W, K, N
Sim Park Golf Course Tee Shelters 2020 W. Murdock (Under construction) W, K, N
Stoner Apartments 938-940 N. Market K, N
Old Sedgwick County Courthouse 525 N/ Main W, K, N
Skinner-Lee House 1344 N. Topeka W
Smyser House 931 Buffum K, N
Soldiers & Sailors Civil War Monument 525 N. Main K, N
Stackman Court Apartments 1207 Franklin K, N
Stearman Hanger McConnell Air Force Base K
Steinbuchel House 1905 Park Place W, K, N
Sternberg House 1065 N. Waco W, K, N
Twentieth Century Club 536 N. Broadway W, K, N
U.S. Post Office (Federal Building) 401 N. Market K, N
University Hall (Friends University) 2100 University W, K, N
VanArsdale House 201 N Broadview K, N
Virginia, Nokomis and Navarre Apartments 420-26 N. Topeka, 401 E 3rd K, N
Judge Wall House 622 N. St. Francis W, K, N
Wey Mansion 1750 Park Place W
Weideman House 1805 S. Wichita W
Wheeler, Kelly, Hagney Building 120 S. Market W, K, N
Wholesale Grocery Warehouse 619 E. William K, N
Wichita Fellowship Club 204 West 18th St. W
Wichita High School 324 N. Emporia K, N
Wilkie House 4230 E. English K, N
Woodburn House 547 N Brookfield K, N

"Hands of God and Man" Broadmoor at 13th Street W

Historic Districts
Bitting District 1100 & 1200 B1ocks of N. Bitting W,K,N
Carey House Square District 500 E. Douglas (south Side of block) W, K
East Douglas Historic District E. Doug1as from midway between Topeka and Emporia east to Rock Island W
Farmers& Bankers Historic District NE corner of 1st and Market Streets K, N
N. Topeka Ave. / Emporia 1000-1300 Blocks of N. Topeka and N. Emporia W
North Topeka Avenue / 10th Street 1065, 1103, 1108, 1109 & 1113 N. Topeka K,N
Park Place/Fairview District 1400-1700 b1ocks of N. Park Place& Fairview
& 1800 block of Wellington Place
West Douglas (Delano) 800 block West Douglas (Under construction) W,K,N
Archaeological Sites
Hackberry Archaeological Site Plainview area W, K
Painted Turtle Site Plainview area W
Grove Park Site Grove Park, East Fork Chisholm Creek W
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