Then and Now

As with most growing cities -- and especially with cities which grew up with the wild west mentality -- much of Wichita's past has been lost to "modernization."

Starting with the January 1999 issue of the Historic Guardian, we are starting a new feature, "Then and Now." Those of you who have enjoyed HPA member Mary Manlove's slide presentation, "Lost Wichita," will see similarities. We owe her credit for the concept and thank her for her gracious permission to adapt her presentation.

We will compare ghost historical buildings or sites with what occupies the site today.

James R. Mead Residence
Mark J. Oliver Residence 
Ben Aldrich Residence ("Chateau on the Hill")
St. Mary's Academy (First Wichita University)
Wichita Livestock Exchange
Pacific Hotel
Crawford Theaters
Coffman (Polytechnic) Hospital
Wichita State University Carnegie Library
Swallow Aircraft Plant (Shadowland)
Old Wichita Country Club
First Douglas Avenue Bridge
Carleton School
Mt. Carmel Academy (All Hallows)
J. Hudson McKnight estate
Hotel Coronado
William "Buffalo Bill" Mathewson's home
The Forum
Riverside Club
Kansas Masonic Home
Kansas Sanitarium
Allis Hotel
First Wichita High School
Turner Opera  Hall for newsletter.jpg (33681 bytes) Turner Opera House
Eagle Building
Lewis Academy.jpg (50313 bytes) Lewis Academy
Toler_1.jpg (13158 bytes) Toler Opera House
Hydraulic Mills 
Jones House on Magic Hill.jpg (66933 bytes) Magic Hill
Polar Bear.jpg (253229 bytes) Polar Bear Frozen Custard stand
Old boat house.jpg (102201 bytes) Old Riverside Boathouse
Old_Metholatum.jpg (10538 bytes) Mentholatum Building
Greiffenstein home.jpg (76690 bytes) Greiffenstein's First Home
Ladies home.jpg (27614 bytes) Ladies Benevolent Home
Schweider.jpg (26715 bytes) Schweiter Farm
Midland Valley Railroad Depot
J.A. Wallace Home
Old Central Fire Station
Alfred Bitting home
Wonderland Island
Red Apple Restaurant and Grocery
OLD_FED.jpg (13608 bytes) Old Federal Building and Post Office
Kirby Castle
Miller home
Missouri Pacific Passenger Station