Midland Valley Depot
Makes Way For a Church

While the site of Wichita's Harvey House Restaurant still exists inside the former Union Station, now owned by Cox Communication, four of the city's six depots are gone.

The stately Midland Valley Depot, at 515 West Douglas, was built shortly after the Midland Valley Railroad was extended to Wichita in 1911.

That railroad ran from Wichita to Ft. Smith, Arkansas.

The book, Peerless Princess of the Plains says that, at one time, the Midland Valley Railroad served 58 stations, but "by 1959 there were fewer than 15 open stations, and passenger service had been discontinued. In 1964, control of the Midland Valley passed to the Texas and Pacific RR, a part of the Missouri Pacific system."

Metropolitan Baptist Church was built on the site in the 1960s.