Wichita once had a second castle

THEN: Over 110 years ago, Wichita had two castles on the river. This photo is from "Wichita Century, a pictorial history of Wichita, Kansas," by R. M. "Dick" Long

Shown to the right is the former J. O. Davidson home on the Little Arkansas River at Buffin and West River Boulevard. Davidson was president of the Citizens Bank and a local loan and real estate company.

The home was built in the mid-1880s, but it is apparent from the size of the trees that the photo is taken in a later decade. It was later and better known as the "Kirby Castle."

It was razed in 1962 and replaced by the apartment complex shown in the second photo after an unsuccessful fight to save it by local historical preservationists.

NOW: Standing in the spot where Kirby Castle once stood is a 1960s era apartment complex. Photo by Churchman