Then and Now: Eagle Building

THEN: The Eagle Building was on the southwest corner of William and Market. The Wichita Eagle newspaper occupied this building from 1908 to 1961. 


Colonel Marshall M. Murdock, a former officer of the Civil War, brought his newspaper from Burlingame to Wichita in 1872 and named it the Wichita Eagle. The first Eagle Building was located at Third and Main, the present site of the Federal Building. The newspaper moved several times before locating on the southwest corner of William and Market in 1908.

The Colonel had passed the reins to his son, Marcellus, a year before the erection of the Eagle Building and watched the construction from the old Federal Building across the street where he was Postmaster. He liked to call the building the "Eagle Roost." He died before it was finished.

The Eagle Building was a three-story brick structure faced with Carthage stone on the Market side . The main entrance had pillars topped with a stone balcony. Sculptures of eagles topped the building on the William Street side and the flagpole.

The Wichita Eagle occupied the location until the summer of 1961 when it moved to its present location, 825 E. Douglas.

Razing of the Eagle Building began in May, 1963. The demolition also included the four-story Fox-Vliet Drug Company building south of the Eagle and the Sandra Theater to the west on William.

By fall, the site was leveled and a year later was leased to the owners of Innes Department Store who constructed the present 550 car parking garage including an overhead walkway to their store.

(Notes for the above article were gathered in part from the Tihen Notes, Special Collections, Wichita State University)

NOW: A parking garage now occupies the site of the Eagle Building.

(Photo by D & V Churchman)