Heritage Park was once site
of Old Central Fire Station

An old postcard pictures the Central Fire Station, built in 1908, just east of City Hall on William Street. Photo taken from the post card book, Peerless Princess of the Plains.

Wichita Fire Department Station No. 1 was first located at 220 N. Market, but in 1906 it was moved to a new central station built next to the city building on William Street. The two-story stone structure contained horses and fire apparatus on the ground floor. The bunk room was housed on the second floor along with the office of Wichita's first fire chief, A. G. Walden.
It used horse-drawn apparatus until 1911, when motorized equipment began to replace the horses. In 1918, the last two fire horses were sold.
In 1934, the fire department moved to new quarters, and the building became the headquarters of the Wichita Police Department and location of the city jail until the 1970s. The Sandra movie theater was located next door east for many years.
The building was demolished in 1976 to make room for the present Heritage Park.

Heritage Park now occupies the area that once was the site of the Central Fire Station and later the Wichita Police Department.