Miller home demolished in 1923

THEN: This Queen Anne home was built in the 1870s by C.R. Miller at 509 S. Broadway, or Lawrence as it was then called. According the Craig Miner, writing in his book, Wichita, the Magic City, it was the "only Kansas structure designed by the distinguished American architect Stanford White."

The contractor was W.H. Sternberg who built a number of local homes, including the still- standing Sternberg House at 1065 N. Waco. The Miller Home had 11 rooms and, as the picture to right shows, an ornamental wooden fence. Especially striking was the gingerbread spindlework on the gables and veranda.


NOW: In 1923, the house was demolished to make way for a gasoline filling station, which is also long gone. At present, the site is occupied by an office complex, the 505 Building. The rest of the block, which was a part of the Miller yard, now houses a parking lot, a Subway Sandwich Shop and a Wendy's.