Sim Park Golf Course Tee Shelters
Sim Park


Nominated for the Kansas & National Registers of Historic Places 2006


(The following is quoted from the Kansas Preservation newsletter, Kansas State Historical Society, Nov.-Dec. 2006, Vol 28, No. 6, p. 29)

"The Sim Park Golf Course Tee Shelters are located in Sim Park, an approximate 181-acre tract in a bend on the west side of the Arkansas River between Thirteenth Street and Central Avenue. Specifically, the shelters can be found on the thirteenth, fifteenth, and eighteenth tees of the Sim Park golf course.

"Before the onset of the Depression, the golf course, clubhouse, and Memorial Entrance to Sim Park had been completed. As the largest park in Wichita’s system, Sim Park was the recipient of numerous New Deal planned projects during the Depression, many of which were attributed to the National Youth Administration. These are the only recorded extant resources in Wichita built by this New Deal program, which was geared toward the youth of America.

"The stone tee shelter structures show the influence of Rustic Park architecture in their design, as evidenced by their stone construction, buttressed base, and exposed rafters and beams."