Cubbon/Jacques House - 1955 North Market
Built in the Queen Anne style with a wrap around veranda and porch gazebo in 1888, the Cubbon/Jacques house was originally located on north Fairmount. In 1900, businessman and Wichita police chief George T. Cubbon purchased the house and moved it to its present location. The home was moved by mules and probably took days or weeks to move the 2 1/2 miles.

Local history records suggest that it was Cubbon who ordered the arrest of Carrie Nation on December 27, 1900, after learning that she was carrying out an anti-liquor campaign in Wichita.

 The home was the residence of the clerk of the district court, A. E. Jacques, from 1932-45. Beginning in 1994, the home underwent extensive restoration to return it to its original appearance with the removal of a third floor tower and stucco siding.

Photo:  pmaxwell 2008