Soldiers and Sailors Civil War Monument
525 N. Main

The monument is located on the grounds of the old Sedgwick County Courthouse. Built in 1911-1913,  the monument is dedicated to the Union soldiers and sailors who fought and died in the Civil War.

The monument, which was designed by Ernest Moore Viquesney, is an eighteen-foot-square building, measuring fifty feet in height from the base to the apex. On the roof of each elevation is a full-size bronze statue representing one of the four branches of the Union military: artillery, cavalry, infantry, and navy.

The statues were designed and cast by Fredrick Cleveland Hibbard of Chicago. On top of the cupola is a fourteen foot Statue of Liberty that was produced by the W. H. Mullins Manufacturing Company of Salem, Ohio.

The Friends of the Sedgwick County Soldiers and Sailors Civil War Monument was formed in 1997 to raise funds to restore the monument and provide an endowment for its continued maintenance.

(Photo and text courtesy of the Kansas Historic Preservation Office Newsletter, Vol. 20, No. 5)