801 E. 37th Street North
( Evcon Industries)

The Burton Stock Car building is a one-story, ten-element saw-toothed roof building located in the middle of an industrial complex now owned by Evcon Industries. The building is historically significant for its use by several important local and national companies, including the first occupant of the building, the Burton Stock Car Company in 1887.

Other tenants of the building include John J. Jones in 1915, who built the Jones Six automobile, Clyde Cessna, 1916 (Cessna Aircraft Company), Lloyd Stearman, 1929 (Boeing Aircraft Company), and the Coleman Company, 1947.

State Register Nomination: http://www.kshs.org/resource/national_register/nominationsNRDB/Sedgwick_ColemanBuildingNumberNineSR.pdf