Sternberg House
1065 N. Waco

William H. Sternberg, a prominent builder during Wichita's economic boom days of the 1880's, built his own residence in 1886, incorporating the Victorian penchant for millwork "gingerbread" with this extravagantly gabled Queen Anne-styled home.

The house is the only remaining mansion of this style in the city and is regarded as a quintessential product of the late Queen Anne residential design and stylistic features. From its native stone foundation to the four corbelled brick chimneys with their decorative flues, the house served as a showcase for the builder's trade.

Included are colored glass window panes, stained glass leaded windows in the ornate stairway, several fireplaces and combination gas/electric chandeliers. The two and onehalf story residence also has porches projecting from each of the three main elevations.