Morton-Simmons Building
(Keen Kutter)
830 East First

The Morton-Simmons (Keen Kutter) Building was constructed in 1905 by the St. Louis-based Morton-Simmons Hardware Company. Built as a distribution center for the company's line of "Keen Kutter" products, the building was reported to have contained more floor space than any other building in Wichita, 80 thousand square feet.

Designed by the St. Louis Firm of Mauran, Russell and Garden, the architecture of the building incorporated both the Italianate and Romanesque styles. The four-story, nine bay red brick building boasted an automatic sprinkler system that included a 20 thousand gallon water tank located 20 feet above the sprinkler heads "hidden" in the cupola portion of the building. The 40-foot high square cupola features a hipped roof with pairs of brackets flanking circular window openings.