Linwood Park Greenhouse

Nominated for the Kansas & National Registers of Historic Places 2006

Linwood Park Maintenance Building

(The following is quoted from the Kansas Preservation newsletter, Kansas State Historical Society, Nov.-Dec. 2006, Vol 28, No. 6, p. 29)

"Charles S. Aldrich donated 160 acres to the City of Wichita in 1887, establishing South Linwood Park in the Linwood Park Addition. Although the prestigious landscape architectural firm of Hare & Hare was hired in 1947 to plan a group picnic area in South Linwood Park, few records exist of other historic planned developments in the park.

"The greenhouse and maintenance buildings are the only extant New Deal buildings in the park. The greenhouse’s construction is attributed to the Works Progress Administration, while the maintenance building was constructed with Federal Emergency Relief Administration funds. Both onestory brick buildings are simplified examples of the Colonial Revival Style."