Wey Mansion
1751 N. Park Place

Recognized for both its interior and exterior, Wey Mansion, built in 1909, is an example of early 20th century upper-class housing and is possibly the most ornate residential architecture in the city. The Neoclassical Revival style home was built in a mixture of post-Victorian era inspired designs popular at the time: including Queen Anne and Second Empire - known for its uniquely shaped roof dormers.

The home also features Neoclassical Grecian columns with capitals of the Corinthian order and pedimented gable ends. On the southeast side of the mansion is a curvilinear porch with double columns, on the east side a curvilinear dormer, also on the east and south sides the entablature has fine dentils and large ornamental consoles. Upper and lower level porches are also utilized. Mr. Herman Wey was a retired hardware and implement salesman. The home remained in the Wey family until 1968.